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Saving baby teeth or newly erupted permanent teeth is critical to your child’s oral health, and that includes the possibility of a root canal. Trust us to evaluate your child’s need for a root canal and perform one expertly, with minimal complications. If you want to talk with a specialist about saving your child’s teeth, call our office in either Pembroke Pines, Florida or Plantation, Florida or use the online booking agent to schedule an appointment.

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Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure in which we remove the diseased pulp of the tooth, cleans and fills in the tooth with a composite resin, and then caps it with a crown. Root canals save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Why would a child need a root canal?

A root canal for a child serves the same purpose as it does for an adult: to save the tooth.

Baby teeth fall out eventually, but keeping them in for as long as possible allows your child to eat and develop speech patterns normally. Plus, baby teeth play an important role in the alignment of permanent teeth. Losing them too early can lead to extensive orthodontic work later.

A root canal can also treat a recently erupted permanent tooth that has pulp damage.

What is the tooth pulp?

Teeth consist of outer, hard enamel that surrounds a softer inside.The tooth pulp is the inner chamber of the tooth. It contains the blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues.

When an infection spreads to this area, it causes serious pain and sensitivity. An accident, such as getting hit in the face with a ball, can also cause damage to the pulp.

What are the signs that a child needs a root canal?

We evaluate any symptoms of pain and the health of the teeth through X-rays and examination. If your child complains of sudden, throbbing pain in their teeth or jaw, those are symptoms of a severe infection. Increased sensitivity to hot, cold, acidic, or sweet foods may also be an indication.

Sometimes we encounter an abscess or swelling in a young patient, which are indications that an infection is traveling and should be dealt with immediately.

What is the procedure to receive a root canal?

A root canal usually requires between one and three visits. We remove the inner chamber, or pulp, and all the diseased tissue. We thoroughly clean this area and sterilizes it, then fills the tooth with an elastic material and medication to prevent infection. The area is filled and eventually sealed with a crown.

Local anesthesia or mild sedatives make the procedure comfortable for your child. In some cases, we might suggest general anesthesia.

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