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Most children receive dental cleanings and treatments in an office setting, but some kids benefit from having these services performed while under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. We have extensive experience performing compassionate dental procedures on children in a hospital setting. Contact one of the two offices in Pembroke Pines, Florida or Plantation, Florida to get an evaluation and determine if hospital dentistry is right for your child. Call or use the online booking tool to make an appointment.

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Hospital Dentistry Q & A

Who is a candidate for hospital dentistry?

Dental treatment performed while a child is under general anesthesia is usually recommended when a child needs extensive work, requires complicated procedures, or is very young. Older children who have a hard time cooperating in a normal dental office setting may also benefit.

We usually only recommends hospital dentistry when a patient’s behavior in a normal office setting indicates they’d benefit from general anesthesia to be more comfortable and relaxed.

What happens during a hospital dental visit?

A hospital dentistry appointment is scheduled far in advance.

You and your child will meet with the pediatric anesthesiologist before the procedure. The length of the treatment depends on what work needs to be done. Your child sleeps through the treatment and remembers none of it.

We provide instructions as to how to prepare for the visit. No eating or drinking after a certain time the night before the procedure is important, due to the general anesthesia. Once the procedure is completed, your child stays at the hospital until most of the anesthesia has worn off and the medical staff deems it’s safe for them to go home.

What types of dental procedures are performed in a hospital setting?

Almost any dental procedure can be performed while a child is under general anesthesia. Usually, hospital dentistry is reserved for extensive work, such as fillings, crowns, and root canals. However, children who have trouble complying with regular cleanings may need hospital dentistry for deep cleanings.

How can I ease my child’s fears before a hospital dentistry appointment?

The hospital and operating room can be a scary place for a child. Be present with your child and do your best to control your anxiety so they feel safe.

A comfort item, such as a blanket or stuffed toy, may help. Hold your child’s hand and talk to them as they go under anesthesia. This provides security and reassurance.

Before the general anesthesia is administered, your child might receive a mild sedative to make them more relaxed. The anesthesiologist will discuss this with you prior to the procedure and use your child’s medical history and temperament to determine if it’s necessary.

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